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18 years ago, in 1995, Michael Myers and Kevin Pugh each brought a high level of expertise together to offer an exceptional jewelry experience. Mike held the prestigious title of Graduate Gemologist which made him a natural at appraising jewelry.

Kevin Pugh, a Master Goldsmith had over 20 years of experience creating unique jewelry creations. So, Myers & Pugh Designer Jewelers was born. Their first location was on South 4th Street. Then, in 2010, they moved their store to 44 South 2nd Street in front of the Works. The firm was accepted into the American Gem Society, where Mike earned the title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser.

In January of 2014, Mike retired, and Kevin took over management of the store, changing the name to Pugh’s Designer Jewelers.

We are happy that Mike continues to offer his appraisal expertise as part of the Pugh’s Designer Jewelers team, so that our customers will continue to receive the same great service they have come to know and expect.

We have added another Master Goldsmith, Rudy to our staff, and we are introducing many new and exciting jewelry pieces that will be waiting for your approval and selection in the coming year.

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