Custom Design Studio

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Custom Design Studio

Let us use our extensive Design & Fabrication capabilities to create for you a unique custom piece. Whether you want a mounting for an heirloom diamond, or you have a brand new idea for a hand-fabricated pendant, we’re ready to go to work for you!

Custom Design Studio Creations

Custom Ruby Ring

Custom diamond and ruby wedding set

Elk Tooth Ring

Hand carved Elk tooth mounted in a hand engraved custom mounting, featuring the Elk you see above and hoof prints on the other side.

Custom Love Story Ring

Custom Love Story carved into the center section with diamond band edges

Custom Emerald Pendant and Earrings

Hand wire fabricated fine emerald and diamond pendant and earrings with removable drop sections

Custom Wedding Set

18K two tone custom wedding set, accented

Sapphire Orchid

Large 18K and sapphire Orchid

Italian Gemstone Flag

14K custom Italian Gemstone Flag with Italian horn accent

18K Hand Engraved Diamond Solitaire Ring

Hand engraved, 18K diamond solitaire to accommodate a one carat center stone.

Kevin Pugh Designing a Custom Piece

Kevin on CAD Design

Kevin Pugh combines 40 years of creating unique jewelry pieces with State of the Art Computer Aided Design (CAD) to provide you with nearly limitless possibilities.

Computer Assisted Mill

The Computer Assisted Mill (CAM) cuts the design in wax.

Wax Ready to Cast

Waxes ready to cast.

The Custom Design Process:

Pugh's Designer Jewelers guarantees your complete satisfaction.