The Epic Romantic Engagement Proposal Guide

in case you need a few ideas!

You found the Girl…..You’ve bought the diamond ring….now you need to propose. You want a romantic idea that is creative and EPIC! Here at Pugh’s Designer Jewelers we have compiled an impressive list of Romantic ways to get engaged. From sappy to outrageous we have tried to give you enough ideas to get your romantic side excited so that you can present your diamond.

Be Creative and tweak these ideas to fit your personality. They are loosely arranged by categories and themes, be sure to check them all out for the one that speaks to you. Inspiration can come from unlikely places. All great wedding proposals are person specific and about what the girl would want.

Traditional Proposals:

These begin with asking the father of the bride for her hand in marriage (or mother/closest guardian). To keep the surprise from being busted by an over excited in-law, keep the particulars of the when, where, and why to yourself. One customer we have had been married before as had her boyfriend. He still asked her father for her hand in marriage. She knew he was a keeper at that point.

Traditional Proposal

*Proposals don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, but do need to have a bit of romance. A walk around a park that ends with you stopping, bending down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage can be a wonderful way to get engaged.

*Stop for ice cream. As she eats her ice cream, casually mention that she has always melted your heart. Get down on one knee and propose.

*Involve the family. Have a family member suggest watching a movie. As you are trying to decide which one to watch have them pick a romantic comedy that you know she likes-too many to name, but if she doesn’t have one in particular use The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock. At the end of the movie tell her you were impressed by how Ryan Reynolds loved her even when she was asking him something crazy or mean to him. You hope you can always do the same and love her unconditionally. Get on one knee (in front of everybody!!!) and ask her to be your forever wife.

*Use your routines as a surprise. This works for anything you regularly do together. Go out for a regular dinner date. As you walk her to her door, hold her hand. At the door get down on one knee. Pull out the ring, tell her what she means to you and that you want to have a lifetime of walking her home.

*Be waiting inside her apartment with flowers and candles after she comes home from work/school/workout.

*If you are gamers or trivia buffs, have as a part of the game questions about your relationship. If it is a board game, create a card to go in the pile. Video trivia at restaurants can be “rigged” to ask personal questions. Have them pop the question for you or, when it’s your turn, ask her the question.

Friends & Family:

Love to feel they are a part of a big secret. Use this to your advantage! What skills, talents, jobs do they have that you can use to your advantage? Who can pull some strings to help you pull off a surprise?

Flowers, balloons, wine, champagne:

Make a great combination to use as props with which to propose.

Champaign Proposal

*Send a large bouquet of flowers to her work/school. Follow that with a balloon bouquet. Follow that with an Edible Arrangement. Then, at the end of the day be waiting at her car on one knee.

*Note on a bottle. Many small wineries, breweries, bourbon places have the option of bottling your own wine, beer, bourbon etc. go to the place for a “tasting” and spontaneously suggest making your own labels. Then, suggest buying a case with your own label for your wedding. Then, propose!

*Variation on that is to pre-design a label with your proposal and give the bottle to your intended. When she realizes what it is, ask her to marry you.

*Balloons can be used in a multitude of ways. Consider hiring a balloon artist to create a balloon arch. Place it at a park, in front of her house, outside her work, at your church, (anywhere really!) kneel down under the arch and ask for her hand in marriage.

*Write love notes and put inside balloons. Blow them up using one of the small rental balloon tanks. Fill her car/apartment/office space with them. Leave a note instructing her to pop the balloons to get the notes. Show up at the end with a large Mylar heart balloon with the ring tied onto the string. Give her the balloon and say “I give you my heart, will you marry me?”

Theme Park/Zoo Proposals:

*Suggest a “spontaneous” trip/day at any theme park. This is especially great if the theme park or zoo has a fireworks show, light show, or Christmas lights display. As you admire the finale and folks are cheering, get on one knee and say, “You are the brightest light in my life. Will you marry me and keep the fireworks going for the rest of our lives?”

*Be a part of the act. Many times theme parks will have magic shows or comedy shows that ask for volunteers. Pre-arrange with the actors to be called on stage. As a part of the act have the magician ask who would miss you if he made you disappear? You can answer, hopefully (insert her name here). The magician can then ask her, “Cindy, would you miss him if I made him disappear?" If she says yes, then get on one knee and say, "Then, can I ask you to be my wife?" If she says no, get on one knee and say “What if I told you I love you and want you to be my wife so that we are never apart, will you marry me?”

*Comedy is a bit trickier, but you can get the comedian to include you in the act in the same way. Just be prepared to be the butt of his jokes for the rest of the evening. This is especially cool to do on a cruise. (See extravagant ideas)

*Arrange a “flash mob” dance and proposal in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World

*Ride a rollercoaster together. When you get off say, “You take my breath away so much more. I’d love to spend all of the ups and downs of life with you.”

Proposals Using Food, the Candy Aisle or a Restaurant as a Prop:

This section could be limitless. Any favorite food or candy can be adapted in these ideas. As far as restaurants, most establishments and waiters love getting in on the action and are more than happy to help you propose! It just takes some pre-arranging.

Candy Proposal

*Ice Cream Creations-If you live near a Cold Stone Creamery, in many areas they have a proposal cake you can purchase. It’s too cute and comes with a box on top!

*Use her favorite Mints (York Peppermint patties, Mentos, etc) Buy enough to make a huge heart-on a bed, on a low coffee table, on a picnic blanket. Kneel beside it & say “We were “Mint” to always be together. Will you marry me?”

*Using Hershey kisses make a path from her front door to wherever you choose to kneel. She will wonder what’s up as she follows the path. You Kneel at the end and say “Now that I’ve kissed you (kissed your feet, kissed the ground you walk on, kissed up to you, etc) will you marry me?”

*Using a Resees cup or any two toned combination treat…say as you eat it together, “You know- two really are better than one. Will you join with me and become my wife?”

*Cakes-this is one you can run with for days. Have your local bakery craft a proposal on a cake using your ring as a topper. Present it with a flourish after a dinner you have made. Say “You are the best dessert for life, you are the sweetest thing I could ever hope for… Will you marry me?”

*Wait Staff help-create your own “menu” and print up a love note. Have your waiter give your intended the “special” menu that offers a lifetime together. As she reads it, get on one knee and propose. Have champagne already ordered for when she says yes!

*Champagne Sparkle- Pre arrange this with the restaurant or bar. Buy strawberries. Find one that her ring will fit on. Wash the strawberry and ring. Fit it together and leave with the bartender. At dinner say, “I’m in the mood for champagne!” Order a champagne drink…have the waiter ask if you would like it with a strawberry. Have him put the strawberry & ring in her glass. When he delivers it, get on one knee to propose.

*Go old school with an ice tray. Freeze the ring in an ice cube. Put it in her beverage of choice at home. (clear drinks she will see quickly, dark ones build suspense) When she sees something in her glass, get down on one knee and propose.

*Roses, wine, need we say more? Just in case we do…Create a large heart out of rose petals, add candles, chocolate & wine. Then you just need to get up the nerve to get on one knee!

*Picnic Basket- The thought involved here can be as simple as a bucket of chicken and a blanket to a much more involved “French” picnic complete with baguettes and chocolate covered strawberries. As you clean up, get on one knee and ask her to marry you.

Outdoor Adventures:

Outdoor Proposal

*Geocache your proposal. Set up a geocache scavenger hunt as a “fun” day. The last clue is your ring hidden. When she finds it, get on one knee and propose

*White Water Rafting (for the adventurous) canoeing for the timid! Spend the day riding the river. When you finish tell her you want to ride all the rapids of life with her. Kneel and ask if she’ll spend her life with you.

*Hike or Bike anywhere…but to make it fun post large love notes along the route. (Use her name), Sara stay tuned…Sara Smile: surprise ahead…Sara, I love loving you…Sara Smile is one in a million…Sara Smile makes me laugh…Sara Smile is amazing….Sara Smile would you like lunch?...or at that the end it could be would you marry me? Make sure you get on one knee though!

*SkyDive, Bungee Jump, rock Climb, or Parasail together. As they harness you in say, “I sure hope these ropes/belts/harnesses hold! Then at some point during the trip, say “I want to hold your love forever. Will you marry me”

*Take a daytrip to the beach, mountains, lake. Nearing the time for sunset tell her you have a surprise in the glove compartment. (If she is expecting a ring, even better) Have 2 champagne or wine glasses in the glove compartment-not the ring! In the back have a bottle of wine or champagne. Get a blanket from the trunk and say I thought it would be romantic to watch the sun set together! As the sun goes down pull the ring out of your pocket and say “I want to spend a lifetime of sunsets with you. Will you marry me?”

*Hot Air Balloon: These come in early morning or late evening rides. Surprise her with a balloon ride complete with mimosas in the morning or champagne in the evening. Add your proposal as you soar through the clouds.

*Mountain picnic. Find a flat place for a “picnic” With a friend’s help rig a music system in the rocks. Set up a folding table complete with tablecloth, nice dishes, champagne (or wine glasses), and a rose across her plate. Order take-out from a nice steak place or your favorite restaurant. Have your friend, the “waiter” dressed and ready to serve you when you arrive; a small towel over the arm is priceless. Blindfold your date, telling her you are going on an adventure. Drive around town so that she doesn’t know your destination. Help her out of the car, remove her blindfold. Have the “waiter” meet you and seat you. As an added touch, a love note under the rose will build the romance. Let the ambiance build through dinner. Have cheesecake & coffee for dessert. Thank her for a wonderful evening and then say “Well, this night would be incomplete without a romantic proposal. Will you marry me?”

Extravagant & Outrageous Over the Top Proposals:

*Take a cruise together. Itineraries and themes are set in advance as is the staff. A simple call, e-mail, or visit to the person you wish to enlist help from is as easy as getting some time away from your beloved! Concierge & wait staff- propose at dinner or during the “baked Alaska” dance. Usually there is one night where the waiters sing or dance in a line marching through the restaurant. Give the ring to the concierge & waiter as you go in to dinner. Have your waiter stop at your table with a “special” dessert. When she/he takes off the top of the plate be ready to propose.

*Plan a trip that requires flying. Pay the extra for either first class or the emergency row aisle. You take the aisle seat so that you can kneel. Pre-arrange for the steward/stewardess to announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, if I can have your attention please, we have a very special couple on board today. (She announces your names)are heading to Cancun for a vacation/get away. And (your name) hopes it will be the first of a lifetime. Get on your knee to propose. Have her give you champagne to celebrate.

*Any sporting event big screen can be rented out for your proposal. If they have a “kiss cam” all the better.

*“Flash Mob” songs/dances/skits. These have been done on sports fields, amusement parks, airports, trains, back yards and malls to name just a few. There are lots of these creative videos on-line. This takes a lot of planning, but they are epic! Pick a Popular love song and choreograph away!

*Rent the screen of a local movie theater. Have your romantic proposal be a part of the pre-show advertisements. Get on one knee and propose. Be advised, you probably want to take a handful of napkins to kneel on so that the buttery floor doesn’t forever ruin your pants.

*Rent a billboard. Very cost effective are the digital boards in any city. Many doctor’s offices, YMCA, and other businesses have them, so you may even get on for free!

*Hire a fireworks agency to send up a Marry Me fireworks finale.

Techno/Social Media Proposals:

Again, the internet is full of suggestions , from creating your own ring box using an “Ironman” Arc Reactor to hacking or creating your own video games. Use your skills and go for it!

*Create your own YouTube or Vimeo video featuring your love story. Have the last bit of you on one knee asking her to marry you. Match the video in person by wearing the same clothing and proposing the at the same time as the video.

*Write several romantic letters, poems, or e-cards. Then, using various methods e-mail, text, and send it to your girlfriend at work throughout the day. Be waiting as she gets off work-either in the break room, outside her cubicle, at the door to surprise her with flowers and your romantic proposal.

*While you are out together, send a text message to your sweetie’s cell phone asking her to marry you. Because you are together, she should be surprised by a text, after she reads it, get down on one knee and propose.

*If your beloved uses an electronic calendar, hijack her account. Set reminders that suggest a wedding. Or, maybe just one, “June is a great month for weddings, what do you think?” Since you are the one setting the reminder, make sure you are there when it goes off and be ready to hit the knee to propose for real.

*Computer Wallpaper Proposals- Set up a scrolling screen saver to be your proposal. Be there waiting with flowers ready to propose after she sees it. • If you are on an online message board, forum, etc, ask her in a post. Make the post a full fledged love letter to her letting her know how you feel about her and your life together. Tell her that you found a post that she just has to read. While she’s reading, get the ring out and get down on one knee to propose.

Creative & Crafty Proposals:

*Make a scrapbook of your relationship. Usually done by a girl for the guy, this is a super romantic gesture. Getting pictures is no problem, just review her social media accounts, download, and print. This can be done digitally or in a traditional way. Have the words of a love song printed out on the last page with a “scrapbook” ring or ring sticker. Then, be on one knee to propose.

*Create an electronic billboard to be shown.

*If you are an artist, pull a “Bert” from Mary Poppins and create a chalk drawing, mural, or canvas to propose. If the artistic gene alludes you then do a graffiti style will you marry me.

*Suggest a Pottery Painting Class as an off the wall date. There are lots of places available now where you can go pick a piece of pottery, paint and fire it. You choose a large plate (as it will be a forever keepsake) paint a large heart, add your initials and the date. Say, “I want to give you my heart forever, beginning today. Will you marry me?” Or, paint your proposal in the middle and give it to her. Get on one knee to propose in person though.

Through the Year Holiday Proposals:

*New Years

A great time to propose

-You can casually ask, “Have you made any resolutions for the New Year?” when she asks you the same…you get on one knee and say “Yes, I have resolved to complete my life by asking you if you will become wife!”

-I can’t imagine anything better than a new life & starting this year with you. Will you marry me?

-Use the champagne & strawberry idea from above. Get champagne with strawberries. Slip her ring over a strawberry. Drop it into her glass. When she sees the ring-Propose a toast, “to us and our future together…will you marry me?”

*Valentines Day

-Buy a large heart shaped box of chocolates. Take out the one in the middle and replace it with her ring. As she opens the box, get down on one knee and pop the question.

-Build a Bear-there are lots of variations on building your own stuffed animal. Build a bear and give her the clothes separate. Tell her you weren’t going to “dress” it, she could do that! In a separate box, have a bridal outfit (The store sells them) you can choose the bride or the groom. When she “gets” that it’s a bride or a groom, get on one knee and ask her to marry you.

-Buy a large basket. Fill it with Chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of wine and 2 wine glasses, add cheese and a summer sausage and crackers, and some hot mustard. Tie her ring with a ribbon onto the spicy mustard, have it facing up to the front of the basket. Have the basket shrink wrapped with a big bow and lots of curling ribbon. When she opens it and sees the ring, say, “You have spiced up my life like none other and I never want it to end. Will you marry me?”

*Arbor Day

Not normally thought of as a romantic holiday which is why it’s great.

-Get a couple of seedling trees (usually free from a nursery, your local 4-H, or your conservation society) Say, I have something crazy to do-Use this bogus story-at work they gave us these trees to plant to help save the planet and we get a bonus if we plant them. Then, after you have them planted kneel and say, I really wanted these trees to mark the day I asked you to marry me. As they grow they will be a reminder to us to keep our love growing. The bonus I get will be you if you agree to marry me.”

*Mother’s Day

This is a great time for the element of surprise.

-As you deliver a mother’s day gift to your mother’s, say, “You know, I would love for you to be mother of our children. Will you marry me?”

*Father’s Day

-Same motivation as the Mother’s Day idea, tweak it to say, “I’d love to celebrate this day as the Father of our children. Will you marry me?”

-For folks who can’t conceive or don’t desire children change it up to say, “I’d like nothing more than to celebrate every mother’s day/father’s day in a long future with you!”

*First Day of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Use the seasons change to signify a change in your relationship.

-Say, “(name the season) has always been my favorite season. Will you keep it that way by agreeing to be my wife?” The only thing I love more than fall is you, will you always color my world with love as my wife? Your love keeps me warm all winter long, will you make it a lifetime? You are hotter than any summer day. Will you be my wife?

Fourth of July Fireworks

*Fourth of July-fireworks celebrations provide a fun celebration with which to capitalize on as you propose!

-As you admire the finale and folks are cheering, get on one knee and say, “You are the brightest light in my life. Will you marry me and keep the fireworks going for the rest of our lives?”

-As the finale approaches say, “Here comes the grand finale” Get on one knee and propose as fireworks light up the sky.

-Use sparklers to spell out love notes. “I love you” You rock, You’re beautiful, Marry me

*Labor Day


-Use any variation of Giving Thanks to say how thankful you are for her and that you want to ask for her hand in marriage.

-At your family celebration have a mother make everyone write down what they are thankful for this year. Then, she or someone reads them aloud and folks have to guess who wrote it. Yours should be a note of love for your beloved. After it is read, get on one knee and propose.


-12 Days of Christmas, You can do all 12 days or just get up to day 5, with 5 golden rings… Have a small gift set up for each day. Send a card to her office/school/home on day 1, Day 2, leave a card or note on her car, Day 3 Put a gift on her desk at work/school or leave at her house/apt. Do this every day for 12 days. On the 12th day-sing (or play a recording) of the 12 days of Christmas. Change the last line to “On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, his whole heart and said, please marry me!”

-Build a Bear-there are lots of variations on building your own stuffed animal. Build a bear and give her the clothes separate. Tell her you weren’t going to “dress” it, she could do that! In a separate box, have a bridal outfit (The store sells them) you can choose the bride or the groom. When she “gets” that it’s a bride or a groom, get on one knee and ask her to marry you.

-Use the small box in a bigger box idea. Get a large box from a moving store or even a refrigerator box. Wrap several boxes with different size gifts-or just wrap different size boxes with candy until you get to her last one, the ring.

-Fall and winter brings out the horse drawn carriages in some towns. If you live near one, take her on a carriage ride and snuggle up under a warm blanket together. At any point along the way you can ask the driver to stop. Kneel in the buggy and ask for her hand.

-Company Christmas parties or anywhere a Santa will be in attendance. (Or, rent a Santa costume and get a friend to help out.) Have him pull several boxes out, each one having a small gift. Finally, after several presents, have him find the ring and say, “And last but not least,.” When he hands the ring box to her, get down on one knee and propose. A variation is to hand the box to you. You open it and then propose.