Pugh's Signature Diamond

# 1dl1754 In Stock

Pugh's Signature Diamond

# 1dl1754 In Stock

One 1.51 carats round brilliant cut diamond, G color, SI2 clarity, cut grade excellent, measuring 7.37 mm wide, 7.41 mm long, 4.55 mm deep; with excellent polish, excellent symmetry, and no fluorescence. The proportions of the diamond are as follows: total depth 61.6%, table width 58%, crown height 14%, pavilion depth 44.5%, and a girdle thickness of medium to slightly thick. The diamond also has a crown angle of 33.5° and a pavilion angle of 41.6°. The girdle has been laser inscribed with GIA 6435995440. This diamond has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America; the lab report number is 6435995440.


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Name Diamond
Stock Number 1dl1754
Department Bridal & Engagement
Type Diamond
Sub Type Gemstone

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Pugh's Signature

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