Sean Darrah

Sean Darrah

Sean has been restoring and designing fine jewelry for 25 years and is proficient in all aspects of jewelry service.

Sean worked at Reynolds Memorial Hospital in Glendale, West Virginia from 1980-1991 as an O.R. Orthopedic and Urological assistant in an emergency room 1st respondent trauma unit. Sean is also a Certified E.M.T. in basic life support.

   During this time, he cut and faceted hundreds of carats of Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Tourmaline as a hobby. In 1991, the hobby turned into a career.

He worked for 5 years in an apprenticeship in Lost Wax Design and casting of precious metals at Independent Jewelers, in Va. Beach Virginia. He then contracted with British owned Sterling Jewelers Inc. and worked and designed jewelry for sister company’s Zales, Kays, and Jared Jewelers until 2011. During that time, he custom designed jewelry for many individuals and created many fine jewelry pieces to the satisfaction of his clients.

Sean is proficient in all types of stone setting, wax carving, and hand fabrication. He specializes in antique jewelry restoration and is able to reproduce lost pieces from old pictures and appraisals. See Sean at Pugh’s Designer Jewelers Custom Design Studio for all your jewelry needs.

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