Shelby Amos

Shelby Amos
Owner Bridal-Remount Specialist
Works At:

  Shelby was born and raised in the licking valley area, and Graduated from Licking Valley High School. She grew up around her mother Lori’s small business, Christys pizza, so she truly has been in Downtown Newark her entire life. She fell in love with the jewelry industry early on, at he age of 10, while hanging around H.L. Art’s, located down the alley from her Mom’s Pizza shop. She would help them out during the summers, winters, and trunk shows. and has continuously developed her knowledge and appreciation for the jewelry industry.

      In 2017, prior to working for Pugh’s, Shelby started taking the G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America) classes to learn more about diamonds and colored gemstones. She joined the staff at Pughs in January of 2018.  When Shelby and Kevin discussed possible locations for the new store It was important to her to continue in the Downtown. Her many downtown friends stop into the new store just say hi and touch base with her on a daily basis.            

     Kevin & Shelby bought the building occupied by the Newark Coin Exchange, and the BIA  (Buckeye Valley Building Association) in the fall of 2019 and they personally began designing, demolition and construction at the new store site.

In the spring of 2020, Covid hit, and Shelby became a partner in the jewelry business with Kevin Pugh. Presently, Shelby is operating partner at Pugh’s. In the spring of 2023, Shelby become full owner of Pugh’s Designer Jewelers and Kevin will work for her part time. She is proud to be a part of the great progress and investment occurring in downtown Newark.

    She couldn’t be more excited about having her fine jewelry store right next door to the historic Louis Sulivan original Jewel box, and she is thrilled  to have the opportunity to support the restoration of this historic site.

     Shelby specializes in selling diamonds and designing custom bridal jewelry. She loves working with our customers, custom designing from old worn jewelry pieces or designing something brand new. There is nothing like seeing the look on our customer’s faces when they see the final product, a combination of their dreams and her creativity, now a reality.

    The future looks bright in Downtown Newark.


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